HD Clean Tunnel System

A system which prevents hazardous polluted air from leaving exits from tunnels structures.

Engine Vapour Extractor

Internal washing of aircraft engines generates considerable cost savings for airlines.

NOVODEK® Cutting Table

NOVODEK® exhaust tables for the extraction of contaminated air during the cutting process.

Workspace ventilation

MACBuster® sucks in contaminated air on one side and blows the clean ambient air out on the other side.

Industrial Heating

The system provides heat through radiation, a method of heating which does not cause any air flows.

Prefab Workspaces

Closed manufacturing processing booths to ensure pure quality air and protection for your employees.

Fire Extinguishing System

FirePro® aerosol extinguishing agent is suitable for suppressing fires at their source or in larger areas.

Safety Management

Integrated Safety Management means focusing on prevention of sickness and accidents.