Fire Extinguishing System

FirePro® aerosol extinguishing agent is suitable for suppressing fires at their source or in larger areas, and as part of an overall fire fighting strategy incorporating portable fire extinguishing equipment.

FirePro® aerosol fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems are intended for use on class A, B, C and F fires and for prevention of explosions of gas-air and dust-air mixtures. Fires involving gases, solids, liquids such as oils and fats, and electrical apparatus operating at a maximum of 24,000 volts are extinguished efficiently and effectively.

FirePro® aerosol presents no danger to human health because it is non-toxic and does not smother flames by removing oxygen.

FirePro® aerosol fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems use SBK, an aerosol-forming solid compound, which, once activated, is transformed into a fast-expanding aerosol with extremely effective extinguishing properties.

The FirePro® aerosol fire extinguisher and fire extinguishing systems work by triggering a binding reaction among the free radicals produced by combustion.
Instead of smothering flames by removing oxygen or extinguishing flames by cooling, the FirePro® aerosol stops the reactions associated with combustion at molecular level by binding the free radicals without affecting oxygen content.

The aerosol consists of micro-particles suspended in an inert gas. The exposed surface of the aerosol particles is extremely large in proportion to the mass of the reaction, so only the minimum amount of active material is needed to extinguish flames. The particles remain in suspension for a relatively long period, which means that they can flow into the natural convection streams present in combustion and increase the effectiveness of the extinguishing agent.

  • Is not harmful to people, animals or plants – non-toxic, does not smother flames by removing oxygen, bears the ‘Green Product’ seal of approval. Laboratory tests have shown that FirePro® aerosol has no detrimental effects on soil, water, air, climate, animals, plants or micro-organisms.
  • Is non-corrosive – will not damage equipment or materials. Contains no corrosive elements, which means that machines, supplies and other materials remain completely unharmed. During operations with other extinguishers, objects not destroyed by fire were often ruined by the extinguishing agents used, such as water, foam and powder.
  • Is compact, easy to transport and simple to install – will not cause lengthy disruptions in operations while installation work is going on.
  • Works independently and automatically – no external electric feed or compressed air needed, no costly duct installations, pumps or large-volume tanks necessary. Simple hook-up to any conventional alarm, detection or activation system.
  • Is environmentally friendly and safe for the ozone layer – no emissions of ozone-depleting substances.
    ODP = Ozone Depletion Potential = 0
    GWP = Global Warming Potential = 0
    ALT = Atmospheric Life Time  = negligible
  • Maintenance required is negligible in comparison with that needed for the upkeep of other conventional systems.
  • Efficient and effective extinguishing system – 25+ grams of extinguishing material are needed to protect 1 cubic metre, in comparison with 200-350 grams of Halon and 700-1,500 grams of CO2.
  • Containers are not pressurised, which means that they pose no danger whatsoever if they are close to or even at the centre of a fire. This is in sharp contrast to pressurised containers, which must meet all the applicable safety standards with regard to pressure and temperature.
FirePro® aerosol extinguishing systems, with their wide range of shapes, sizes and types, can be used to protect any size area and for any kind of project-specific requirement.

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